the "content" bit of content marketing

jpq writing was founded to amplify the voices of businesses that deserve to be heard, helping people to fulfil their potential and make their impact.
John-Patrick Quinn : Founder of jpq writing, entrepreneur, pizza enthusiast and all-round good guy.


You need to find your voice. The tone of your business needs to have personality shining through it and be one your customers connect with.

You want to make a real impact in the world - you need content that gets your message out in an effective and meaningful way.

You need a writer who understands your passion and authentically represents you, the way you'd do it yourself.

You're in the right place.

content that connects, communicates and converts.

jpq writing is rooted in the belief that online content should be for people first and SEO second.

You should be focused on reaching the people that count, not counting the people you reach.

That said, SEO is crucial to being heard. Good SEO puts you in front and centre stage.

Non-existent SEO is the equivalent of you standing in the middle of a forest and talking.

Your message might be great, but if people aren't hearing it, what's the point?!

Content attracts people's attention.

Bad content loses it forever.

Good content keeps it.

Great content will attract customers who share the same passions, beliefs and philosophy as your business.

When you grow a customer base like this, you:

Connect deeply with your customers.

Create relationships that aren't based on pricing, but trust and value.

Avoid customers who will be more hassle than they're worth.